Our Products 

Climate Control Thermal Insulation Films

Insulation Control Management Films transform a single pane of glass to that of a double pane window and of a double pane window close to that of a triple pane, all without the expense, inconvenience and impact on the environment as a result of window frame and glass replacement, with faster pay-back for your investment. Whilst thermal energy efficiency window films will guarantee a more moderate, enjoyable temperature, Climate Control Window Films also control: Glare, reducing eye fatigue even on the brightest of days; block 99% of UV, protect furnishing from fading; retain winter heat while still allowing winter warmth to enter your home or office; and control varying rates summer heat gain in the hot summer months; and with energy prices continuing to rise energy efficiency remains high on the agenda for any homeowner or business. Installing thermal Low E window films offer an excellent opportunity to cut down on energy consumption which can dramatically reduce yearly heating and cooling costs. Residential Lifetime Warranties and 15 year Commercial warranty

Solar Series Window Films

These films provide a choice of performances and help improve the aesthetics of glass and windows. Window film is very easy to maintain and once installed the benefits will be noticed and enjoyed for many years with a high quality installation and up to limited lifetime warranty gives you full assurance of quality guaranteed. 

Overheating, Fading, Glare, Privacy is a topic for most home and business owners, these issues can all be controlled by any one of our solar series films resulting in a more effective solution than traditional methods without having a great impact on the natural light entering a room.

With the solar heat streaming through the glass, temperatures can quickly become uncomfortable. Window film will prevent this steady heat build up, resulting in a more stable, moderate temperature. The film reflects away the sun's solar heat before it enters the room, making it a more effective solution than traditional methods.

There are two types of heat to keep in mind when looking at Heating and Cooling:

1.  Solar heat is the heat of the sun that can cause overheating and fading.

2.  Radiant heat is from the sun and is what's transferred into a room providing the warmth required for a building (ask about out thermal insulation films which also include UV and glare reduction).  

UV protection is an additional benefit with our films by blocking out 99% of the harmful UV rays, therefore dramatically reducing fading and protecting people that work and occupy spaces in front of glass.

Glare can be year-round and with the bright sunshine of Summer and the low-lying position during Winter months, can make an area uncomfortable, including increased eye strain that can cause headaches. Glazing Films can reduce glare, whilst maintaining the view without having a great impact on the natural light entering a room.

Privacy can also be achieved from installing Glazing Films including our frosted films. Our solar window films will help with daytime privacy  and our frosted films work day and night. We advise you of the options available to best meet your requirements. 

Frosted Films and Graphics

Frosted films are cost effective and creatively flexible and function as a feature or as a privacy barrier for night and day and can enhance the look and feel of your home or business. Glazing Films has a wide range of frosted films that will compliment any situation including: balustrades, front entrances, glass partitions etc. create a bespoke sleek look and creative design or logos for your home or business.


The very first self-adhesive transparent textile for windows: Used for spaces with a textured view from outside or for a touch of privacy, for windows with special shapes (round, triangular, …) or for windows with no space to attach a hanging system.

Squid is a very modern solution to decorate a window and is similar to the effect of frosted glass or a net curtain. Squid has been developed to also function in rooms with a high level of humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Colours available are: Chalk: Bone: Oak: Ash & Rock.

Safety & Security Films

For added glass protection and upgrades. Once professionally installed to the glass will comply with the safety standard F2/AS1 (NZ4223.3:2016). If you are doing any upgrades that will require a code of compliance, we are able to assist with this. Tinted safety films are also available for added solar protection or privacy.  Security films are available for business security upgrades that will appeal to building owners, property managers, banks, jewelry shops etc for occupant and property safety and security.

Glass Gallery

 Glass Gallery Artworks are a fantastic way to lift and transform a look in your home or office. The beauty and diversity that Glass Gallery artwork can bring into a space is truly amazing. Frame-less glass artworks for a truly unique artwork to become the centre of attention in any room or space, inside or outside; visit www.theglassgallery.co.nz for more information