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Energy Management Window Films

Passive Energy Management

Create a more comfortable environment.

Energy Management Window films help regulate the temperature disparity between the sun-lit and the shady areas of a building. Areas stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, all of which makes a more comfortable environment. The simple procedure of adding window film to a building’s windows can dramatically improve occupant comfort while enhancing an interior’s ambiance and provide benefits for not only for health benefits from overheating, headaches, glare, and eyestrain, but to also reduce year-round energy costs.

Lower Energy Costs – Improve your buildings’ energy performance with the strategic use of our energy management performance films. You can reduce your carbon footprint, your energy bills and the wear and tear on your Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps. The films are designed to reduce solar transfer in Summer to reduce heat gain and retain valuable radiant heat in Winter, meaning they allow less energy consumption on Cooling and Heating systems.

Our performance films reduce the sun’s heat during hot summer months while keeping a room cool and at an even temperature. This means that you save money on your energy bill year-round without adversely impacting on comfort no matter what the outside temperature.

A well-maintained, energy-efficient home or business can enhance your comfort and increase your property’s value and while having a faster payback than most other conventional methods, it’s a good return on investment as well as comfort levels.

Energy management performance films are designed to reduce heat gain during hot summer months keeping a room cool, whilst still allowing plenty of natural light through and help retain valuable radiant heat in Winter.

Our films add another layer of insulation to your existing windows. They work by reflecting a portion of heat back inside a room and dispersing it in the room rather than letting it escape through the window, this increases indoor comfort during the cold winter months.