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Safety in the Workplace

Health and Safety.

When choosing Glazing Films Ltd, we provide you with over 37 years window film industry expertise. For your assurances we are Advanced Passport Members of Site Safe New Zealand and hold current Public Liability Insurance Cover.

When carrying out window film installation work for our customers, we will work in with any requirements or considerations in and around your home or office to ensure a safe and happy installation experience.

The primary duty of care we have includes having effective practices in place for providing and maintaining a work environment that is without risk to health and safety, safe plant structures and safe systems of work and how we manage and control hazards in the office and the general work environment.

Our effective safety management is not just about cleanliness. It includes keeping work areas neat and orderly, maintaining halls and floors free of slip and trip hazards, and removing of waste materials and other hazards from work areas. Glazing Films pay particular attention to important details such as the layout of the whole workplace, aisle marking, and emergency evacuation processes

  • maintaining the workplace and any equipment so that it is safe and works efficiently.
  • put right any dangerous defects immediately or take steps to protect anyone at risk.
  • have enough space for safe movement and access.
  • make sure floors, corridors, and stairs etc are free of obstructions.
  • make sure any windows are in good working order and/or glass is secure.
  • minimise risks caused by snow and ice on outdoor routes.  
  • remove waste regularly and recycle.