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Solar Film Products

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Our window film products provide a range of performances and help improve the performance of glass and windows. Window film is very easy to maintain and once installed the benefits will be noticed and enjoyed for many years with a high-quality installation and up to limited lifetime warranty gives you full assurance of quality guaranteed. Installing Glazing Films Ltd window films is the environmentally friendly way to improve overall comfort to control Insulation, Glare, Heat, UV, Privacy, Safety & Security.

Benefits are;

  • Our USA and UK manufactured window films come with up to a limited lifetime manufacturer residential warranty.
  • Our products are colour stable that do not fade, or change colour over time or will not bubble, peel, crack, or delaminate.
  • Enjoy consistent interior temperatures.   
  • Create a Comfortable living environment.
  • Reduce your energy bills.  
  • Less loading on Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps.
  • Prevent eyestrain from the sun’s glare.
  • Dramatically reduce interior fading.   
  • Protect valuable belongings.   
  • Feel more secure with complete daytime privacy.
  • Block harmful UV rays when at home or sitting at a workstation.
  • Frosted or Decorative films enhance an office aesthetic.
  • Increase your commercial building’s security.
  • Excellent return on investment.

OVERHEATING, FADING, GLARE, PRIVACY – is a topic for most home and business owners, these issues can all be controlled by any one of our solar series films resulting in a more effective solution than traditional methods without having a great impact on the natural light entering a room.

With the solar heat streaming through the glass, temperatures can quickly become uncomfortable. Window film will prevent this steady heat build-up, resulting in a more stable, moderate temperature. The film reflects away the sun’s solar heat before it enters the room, making it a more effective solution than traditional methods.

There are two types of heat to keep in mind when looking at Heating and Cooling:

  1. Solar heat – is the heat of the sun that can cause overheating and fading.
  2. Radiant heat – is from the sun and is what’s transferred into a room providing the warmth required for a building

UV protection is an additional benefit with our films by blocking out 99% of the harmful UV rays, therefore dramatically reducing fading and protecting people that work and occupy spaces in front of glass.

GLARE REDUCTION & EYE STRAIN – and potential headaches from the glare of the sun can make it difficult to work at certain times of the day. That’s a headache you can do without, and one that is easily controlled with Glazing Films window film.

FADE & UV PROTECTION FROM THE SUN – The UV rays of the sun can cause fading and damage to your furniture, flooring, and artwork. Worse, UV rays lead to sun damage and skin cancer. Tradition glass windows do very little to block UV rays, but window film is an easy solution.

INSULATION TO LOWER ENERGY COSTS – You can reduce your carbon footprint, your energy bills and the wear and tear on your Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps by installing insulation window film for your home or office. Insulation window films can reduce solar transfer in Summer and retain valuable radiant heat in Winter, meaning they allow less energy consumption on Heating and Cooling systems.

INCREASED SAFETY & SECURITY – Glazing Films window films can improve the safety and security of your home or office. If you’re having an upgrade on your home or office and need to have code of compliance to meet Council requirements for glass upgrade, we can meet these requirements and provide the necessary paperwork for approval.

Your home or office is where you keep your valuables, expensive computer equipment and sensitive personal and professional data. Safety & Security Films helps reinforce glass doors and windows, making it more difficult for an intruder to break through.

PRIVACY, FROSTING & DECORATIVE – Add privacy to your residential or commercial property with our privacy window films. Both convenient and affordable, privacy window films can be installed to obscure the transparency of your windows, making them private from outside onlookers and can be either a one-way Solar Film or Frosting.

Manufacturer Backed Warranty

  • Residential limited lifetime warranty and up to 12 year commercial warranty.
  • Our films are colour stable and do not fade or change colour.
  • Will not bubble, peel, crack, or delaminate.
  • Professional Installation.

Getting window film installed on your home or at work is a streamline process which is our focus, and we care about your and our health and safety. With Covid 19 we adhere to strict government guidelines, we also sterilize the area and our equipment when completing any work, and the installation is done with minimal disruption see our HEALTH & SAFETY.

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