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Glazing Films Ltd is 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated

Creating Comfortable Energy Efficient Work & Living Environments with USA and UK Products

Our specialised window films provide a wide range of performances to improve overall comfort and energy management. 
Glazing Films performance window films can offer a solution and still maintain the views and light.
Our energy management films create a more comfortable environment and help regulate temperatures between sun-lit and shady areas of a building and reduce year round energy costs.
Our solar film products also attend to sun protection from
fading of furnishings, glare reduction, reducing eye strain while still maintaining the view, reduce excessive heat in Summer, keeping areas at an even temperature, as well as create privacy with either a privacy film for one-way or a frosted film to give the glass a luxurious look or a pop of brilliant colour.
Safety and security window film can improve the safety and security of your home or office making it considerably more challenging to gain entry or if you need to upgrade your glass to code.
Window film is very easy to maintain and once installed the benefits will be noticed and enjoyed for many years with a high-quality installation and up to limited lifetime warranty gives you full assurance of quality guaranteed. Installing Glazing Films window films is the environmentally friendly way to improve overall comfort and protection from the sun, lower energy costs that can reduce the carbon footprint, manage glare and heat and create a modern aesthetic external look adding value to your property without the expense of removing glass. Contact Us