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3M Prestige 70 West Wanaka

3M Prestige 70 installed to complement the underfloor heating and cooling and to attend to the overall comfort levels within the home. Also, not to detract from the internal or external appearance for which the 3M Prestige 70 was the perfect solution for.

These multiple large panes were double glazed with a low-E coating facing North and West of this magnificent architectural award-winning home in West Wanaka.

The installation of 3M Prestige 70 was applied to the internal surface of the glass to improve energy management with the added benefit of UV control to also reduce fading on fabrics and furnishings.

Privacy Window Films

Privacy films are the perfect solution to create a barrier during the day, people on the outside of the window can’t see in through the glass, while you can still see clearly through it from the inside.
Part of feeling comfortable in your own home or office is knowing that you have a certain level of privacy from the outside world.
Privacy window films adds privacy without blocking the view. These films are used where high outside reflectance is needed for one-way mirror effect. It also has the added benefit of providing heat and glare reduction and provides significant savings with energy management of a variety of films available, while cutting 99% of UV radiation. The film’s durable, scratch-resistant coating also allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.

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Home showing window film applied for one -way privacy from the street
Squid is a fantastic transparent fabric which enables you to see out during the day, but largely restricts people outside from being able to look in.

New Squid

Stylish, Beautiful & Practical

Squids unique texture makes it easy to care for and suitable for any interior or type of architecture, giving designers new commercial and marketing opportunities to explore. Its versatility and simplicity have already made it a big hit in the interior design and architecture markets.

  • Squid helps you keep your privacy while still being able to enjoy your view.
  • Squid’s fabric is woven with polyester threads to give it a soft, warm feel.
  • Use it to cover your window with fabric, breathing new life into homes, offices, and public spaces. 

The Quarters by New New New.

Mike Stevenson, of Stevenson Design, winning entry for the 2021 ADNZ Resene Architectural Design Awards commercial / industrial, for the “Quarters by New New New.”

Dunedin’s Glazing Films Ltd added performance glazing layers to allow both form and function with the architectural design. The window film installed to the glass surface increases comfort control by reducing overheating caused by solar gain and provides additional solar protection factors of UV block and glare reduction.

Award winning building in Dunedin, that solar film has been applied to reduce solar gain and fade control while still letting the warmth in.
With a multiple of options available, the Fasara window film is a fantastic way to dramatically make a space become more modern and placing this on boardrooms you’re having the privacy required without the feel of being closed in.

Fasara window film

liven up a space with a whole new level of frosted films.

Fasara films provide a new, trend-setting collection of decorative window films that can transform an interior aesthetic that is not only visually pleasing to the eye but provides added privacy and light control.

The durable, long-lasting polyester window film is installed professionally and looks extremely stylish, providing a unique experience to those who enter a room.

Here are just Six reasons to install Window Film in your home office:

  1. Protection from the sun – The UV rays of the sun can cause fading and damage to your furniture, flooring, and artwork. Worse still, UV rays lead to sun damage and skin cancer.
  2. Glare Reduction – The eye strain and the potential of headaches from the glare of the sun can make it difficult to work at certain times of the day.
  3. Lower energy costs – You can reduce your carbon footprint, your energy bill and the wear and tear on your Air Conditioning / Heat Pump units by installing window film for your home or office.
  4. Privacy – Add daytime privacy to your residential or commercial property with our privacy window films. Privacy window films can be installed to obscure the transparency of your windows, making them private from outside from neighbours or onlookers and can be a one-way Solar Film of a Frosting. 
  5. Increased safety & security – Glazing Films window films can improve the safety and security of your home or office.
  6. Uncluttered style – Modern minimalism is in.  Window film can control the sun and keep your windows looking sleek from within and create a modern aesthetic external look, adding value to our home without the expense of removing glass.

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There is a window film for every need to accommodate heat, glare, UV control, privacy, safety and security, or for a decorative enhancement to spice up an area.