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Fade & UV Control

Fade and UV Control

Fade and UV control – Fading is a common problem and can adversely affect upholstery, carpets, flooring, furniture, and artwork. Our solar window films are suitable for offices, museums, shopfronts, art galleries, and residential properties or any area with a large expanse of glazing, where issues of fading can be potentially costly. 

Our films are specifically designed to filter out 99% of harmful UV rays that lead to sun damage and be a cause of skin cancer.

Seven Main sources which lead to fading are:

  • Ultraviolet light.
  • Visible light / Infra-Red.
  • Solar heat.
  • Chemical vapours.
  • Material age.
  • Dye fastness.
  • Miscellaneous (including indoor artificial lighting and humidity).

Glazing Films Ltd window films can offer the maximum protection available with a film from UV light, visible light / infrared, and some solar heat. Internal factors such as indoor lighting, humidity and poor-quality dye (anchorage) cannot be reduced by the use of window films.

Our window films are available in a variety of tones, from ultra-clear films which are virtually undetectable to tinted or reflective films which have the added benefit of reducing heat gain and glare if required, with performance levels and appearance to suit every situation.

By blocking UV light, the fading process will be significantly reduced.