The Variety of Window Films available

There are a wide variety of window films and depth of tints available including different manufactures and where they are made.

Prestige by 3M:

Prestige is 3M’s top of the line window film. These specialized collection of window films include no-metal technology and affords superior heat rejection with lower than glass reflectivity and film options that allow most of the light into your home for maximum protection, and won’t interfere with mobile phones, GPS and satellite radio signals interference.

Enjoy the benefits of exceptional performance window film without the drawbacks.

Reflective film:

Reflective window film is a versatile solution that helps control the negative impact of sunlight by reducing heat, glare, and UV light. With its mirror-like finish when viewed from the outside, reflective window film not only provides aesthetic appeal but also offers enhanced security with daytime privacy. When viewed from the inside, it presents a stylish finish while still allowing light to fill the space.

Reflective window film is one of the best performing and most widely used solar control window films for homes and offices which also attends to a reduction in air conditioning costs and hence a reduction in energy costs which also creates a more comfortable environment and can reduce tiredness and eye strain.

Dual Reflective film:

Dual reflective film works much in the same way that ordinary reflective film does. It’s called dual-reflective window film because both sides of the film offer benefits. The primary difference is that dual-reflective window film is designed to offer reflectivity for privacy during the day and with the inner layer of film which helps to improve visual clarity at night if you have night views.

Neutral film:

Neutral window films minimize changes to glass appearance maintaining crisp, colourful views to the outdoors. This film offers a unique combination of low reflectivity and medium performance. It has a neutral grey colour due to its metallic metal internal coating which will not fade or change colour and also has a hard clear top coating for ease of cleaning and added durability. With its heat reduction and glare control properties, it creates a comfortable and productive workspace. Experience the exceptional performance of this semi reflective film, providing optimal functionality while maintaining a stylish appearance without sacrificing the amount of natural light coming into a room.

Spectrally Selective film:

The spectrally selective film have been engineered to allow the maximum transmission of visible light while rejecting the maximum amount of UV and Infra-Red wavelengths and differs from the more conventional solar films. These window films permit some portions of the solar spectrum to enter an area while blocking others while allowing as much daylight as possible and prevent the transmission of solar heat.

Insulating film:

Low-E window films, such as 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film, can achieve similar insulating abilities of Low-E glass at a fraction of the cost. When applying the 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film to a single-pane window, it improves the insulation to be comparable to that of a double-pane window, and a double-pane window to that of a triple-pane. Not only does it improve insulation in the cold winter months, but it also reduces solar heat gain in the summer, leading to energy savings year-round. If your windows aren’t in need of replacing, installing Low-E window film eliminates this expense as it’s applied directly onto existing glass windows or doors, making the installation a smooth and easy process which also achieves substantial energy cost savings and has a potential payback on investment which can be less than three years!

Safety or Security film:

In addition to films that protect from light and heat, films are also available to protect from accidental or intentional impact. While glass may still break after an impact, the Safety or Security film is designed to keep the glass in place. In the event of a storm or an earthquake, this reduces the risk of injury due to flying or falling glass. In the case of an intruder break-in, criminals may be deterred if a window or glass door does not instantly break / shatter gaining immediate access.

Anti-Graffiti film:

Anti-Graffiti film is an optically clear film that is applied to the surface of glass which would be at most risk of being vandalised from etching or spray paints. Once damaged or becomes very unsightly it can be removed and replaced leaving the glass free from damage and not needing to replace glass. Commercial, industrial, and government facilities can benefit from anti-graffiti film in particular buses and trains. Anti-graffiti film can help reduce the time and resources needed to remove graffiti manually and/or replace glass.

Frosted and Decorative film:

An installation of a frosted or decorative film allows you to transform your glass surfaces into real frosted glass to create privacy day and night or to have a barrier for meeting rooms. It is the ideal solution for modifying the windows of your home or business. The advantage of frosted window film is that it creates a barrier without losing brightness and allows a soft and diffused light to pass through for more comfort. The decorative films available can be for a patterned look or have it printed with a colour or have an image printed and applied to the glass. Frosted or decorative window films can provide privacy while also being an appealing addition.